A Project about a public tower in Madrid

„A house made not only out of concrete, glass, and steel, but also out of leaves, branches, nature and life“
The Theme of the project deals with public towers in the capital of spain, exactly in Plaza Espagna. The task was divided in two phases: in the first one we as a group of four people had to develop a masterplan for this place, analysing as first the various problematics of the square, then, individually, choose a lot and develop a public tower composed of 1/3 living, 1/3 public, 1/3 free choice. Since the beginning i wanted to combine nature into my project, i wanted to create spaces with different heights, filled with trees, where the people could go on and observe the marvelous panorama of the city, i wanted to treat every flat with a small „forest“. The volume is cutten at the height of the existing terrace of the Torre Madrid. This cut makes the volume lighter, manages an enormous open terrace and creates a divison in between privat upper part with appartments and public part with gardens and exibition area.
There are 3 actors performing the building: the people that live inside, using a separate core, the visitors of the exibition and the public people.
Every floor in the lower part is set up inside for culture, art and exibition, and outside with terraces connected to each other with stairs that conduct you to the „big forest terrace“ at the height of 40 meters.
Every Terrace is filled with trees, plants and nature and have different activities, like: sports, relaxing areas, small caffe, theater and open air cinema. The atmoshere that i want to create in the Forestplaza is the feeling to be in a forest, being able to hide and find a calm spot, in the middle of nature, but at the same time, in the middle of the urban life of a big city like Madrid.
The upper part is for living space. 9 living typologies cover flat dimensions from 85 to 250 square meteres. Up to a dimension of 185 the flats are divided in two floors, connected with stairs. Every flat recieves from one to three „gardens“. These gardens are 10 square meter big and have 2 heights: 6 meters they get a tree, 3 meters plants. The tree doesnt only have an aestetik function, but it also blocks the sun in summer, cleans the air, blocks the wind and the sound of the cars.
The trees have an enormous influence on the Fassade of the building and on the effects on the city. They are not positioned by chance. With different critera like: lenght of the roots, light need, etc,  i chose 15 trees species, that we can find in south areas like spain. 8 species will be positioned in the warm fassades of the building: they never lose their leaves and express their best character in spring, the other 7 lose their leves in winter to let light in the appartments, and show their best colours in autumm with red, orange, yellow tonalities. The building will then react differently during the year, showing from every point of view, different expressions. „ like a human wearing a big jacket in winter and in summer short trousers…“ the building recieves a soul..
The roof is 2 meters high and shows the structure of the lower floors. These oversized traves have the function to collect water, that will then be used to water the plants in warm periods of the year. The water floats through a general block in the middle, provides water to the gardens and to the appartments, and will then be filtered and pumped up again.
This attractive landscape on the roof as also a social function: here the inhabitants of the tower can meet and use this space as a collectiv area and in warm spanish days thea have also the possibility to bath into these 10 square meters pools.

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Das Planungsbüro SIEBENECK ist ein junges Team mit sieben ambitionierten Mitgliedern. Das gebündelte Wissen und die Erfahrungen öffnen die Grenzen, komplexe Aufgaben in verschiedensten Maßstäben zu bewältigen. Uns eint der gemeinsame Werdegang im Architekturstudium an der Technischen Universität Berlin, wo wir die Möglichkeit hatten, an diversen Projekten zusammenzuarbeiten und Freundschaften zu knüpfen.

Trotz unseren vielschichtigen und teils unterschiedlichen Herangehensweisen und Erfahrungen verbindet uns die gemeinsame Designideologie und Leidenschaft für die Projekte.

Der Schaffensprozess reicht vom handwerklichen Modellieren bis zum virtuellen und parametrischen Gestalten. Dabei verbinden wir interdisziplinäres Denken aus Architektur, Kunst, Design, Kultur und Handwerk.

Wir sind Timoteo Goldschmidt, Pawel Goldstein, Johannes Irmen, Bastian Landgraf, Markos Lasos, Niklas Martin, Konstantinos Papadis.

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+49 157 74706043